Our friendly staff from Guest Service Team present guest Service Desks within Al Naeem Mall are welcoming all your queries and they are delighted to provide you with the following services:

Tesla Power Car Charging

Alnaeem MAL is excited to introduce its state-of-the-art Tesla power charging services, catering to the needs of Tesla electric vehicle owners. With our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and cutting-edge technology, we have installed advanced charging stations at our facility.

Mall Events Information

Get the inside scoop on all the thrilling events happening at Al-naeem Mall, your ultimate destination for shopping and entertainment. From dazzling fashion shows to exciting live performances, our Mall Events Information page has everything you need to plan your next unforgettable experience.

Lost and Found

Don’t fret if you’ve misplaced something at Alnaeem Mall! Our Lost and Found department is here to help reunite you with your belongings. Submit a report and let us assist you in restoring what’s rightfully yours.


Baby Changing Rooms

Alnaeem Mall’s Baby Changing Rooms webpage ensures a comfortable and convenient experience for both you and your little one. Discover our well-equipped and hygienic facilities, designed with the utmost care to cater to your baby’s needs.

Taxi Services and Public Transportation

Arrive and depart with ease at Alnaeem Mall using our Taxi Services and Public Transportation webpage. Access information on nearby taxi stands, bus routes, and other public transportation options, ensuring seamless connectivity to and from our mall. Enjoy a stress-free journey and explore the mall at your convenience.

ATM Machines

Convenience at your fingertips! Alnaeem Mall’s ATM Machines webpage provides you with easy access to cash whenever you need it. Explore our range of conveniently located ATMs within the mall premises, ensuring hassle-free transactions and quick access to your funds.




Baby Strollers and Wheelchairs

Alnaeem Mall cares for everyone’s comfort and accessibility. Discover our Baby Strollers and Wheelchairs webpage, offering convenient rental services to make your visit inclusive and stress-free. From comfortable strollers for your little ones to accessible wheelchairs for individuals with mobility needs.

Prayer Rooms

Alnaeem Mall embraces diversity and provides a serene space for prayer. Explore our Prayer Rooms webpage, dedicated to fulfilling your spiritual needs. Discover our thoughtfully designed prayer rooms, equipped with necessary facilities, to offer you a tranquil environment for prayer and reflection during your visit to the mall.

Suggestion Box

Your voice matters at Alnaeem Mall! Share your valuable suggestions and feedback through our Suggestion Box webpage. We welcome your ideas for enhancing your mall experience, improving services, and making your visit even more memorable. Help us shape the future of Alnaeem Mall by sharing your thoughts and ideas with us.

24 Hours On-Site Security

Your safety is our top priority! Explore our 24 Hours On-Site Security webpage, where we provide a secure environment at Alnaeem Mall round the clock. Discover our dedicated security team, state-of-the-art surveillance systems, and proactive measures to ensure your peace of mind while enjoying your time at the mall.




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